Conference Topics

Presentations in any area of damage and failure mechanics will be welcomed, such as experimental and materials science studies related to damage mechanisms and their interactions with other thermomechanical fields, multiscale and multiphysical modelling as well as the associated numerical aspects with application to various engineering problems. Specific topics of interest include, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Experimental damage mechanics: Multiscale damage mechanisms characterizations from the materials sciences point of view. Diagnosis or quantification of material damages and/or self-healing, …

  2. Theoretical damage mechanics: Nano, micro and macro modelling of damages evolution and their effects (or coupling) on the other thermomechanical fields. Modelling of the self-healing phenomena, …

  3. Computational damage mechanics: Numerical aspects to solve the associated evolution problems under quasi-static and dynamic loading conditions, and their associated initial and boundary value problems.

  4. Applications to various engineering problems:
    • Prediction of damages occurrence in mechanical components and in-service structural-integrity under various complex loading paths. Macro-cracks initiation and propagation
    • Prediction of damages occurrence in materials forming and manufacturing processes
    • Concrete, cementitious composites and geomaterials
    • Nano-materials, bio-materials and agro-materials, including the concept of "negative" or "reversible" damages due to self-healing
    • Aging infrastructures and structures, …